Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Found Treasure

Hello and welcome back! I didn't follow through with my promise of posting more often did I? The problem is I don't like to write, so I've decided to change this blog into something I do like to do.....decorating, antiquing and using my vintage finds in my art.

I'll show pictures of pieces I've found while antiquing and how I change or use them. I'll also post photos of pieces I've inherited and how I mix them into my home. My newest art pieces will be shown with the vintage item(s) I've used in their creation, so sit back and enjoy.

Take a look at these beauties. I love to wear vintage jewelry so some of the pieces I find I wear on a blouse, jacket or attach to a pillow and others are just right for that special art project (note the vintage Christmas pin in the previous post).

I used the site Picnik to add the frame around my photo. How fun, be sure to check it out!