Monday, September 6, 2010

Around the House

Since the little munchkin needs a room to take naps in and eventually play in I decided to decorate aunties room, she has an apartment and most of her stuff with her so it was a blank canvas to work with. We (meaning grandpa) changed the pink walls to tan then I had to think...what do I want this room to feel like??? Because this room is also a guest room (mostly for auntie when she visits from college) I didn't want a cutesy baby look, (been there, done that) so what treasures did I want to pull from my containers??? One piece of art I'm proud of (it has the most views of all my art on Flickr) but haven't found the right home for is my Little Red Riding Hood Shadow box.....let's begin with it! So here's a sneak peek at the first thing on the wall.......more to come!!!!