Friday, October 22, 2010

Around the House

Sneak Peek.....My parents received this cuckoo clock as a wedding present in 1957, I remember it hanging on our living room wall growing up.  This special clock hasn't worked for awhile, in fact it was collecting dust in their basement when I rescued it.  It now has a special spot on the Grand Room wall (guest/grandkid room), I love looking at it and remember playing with it's long chain and weights (it probably never kept correct time with three kids playing with it!).

The second picture shows the clock on my parents living room wall, it's Christmas 1958.  Captured on Film......there's my stylish Grandma playing with me.  I'm in red and white striped pj's and my eyes are shut. I think this is an early indication of things to come, I always close my eyes in pictures!  Mom and Dad put the Christmas tree in the playpen so I wouldn't break any of the decorations (was this common in the 50's?).  Check out the rocking horse and top, the top is probably still in mom and dad's basement, there's so many boxes I still need to explore....treasures!!!