Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Around the House

 Sneak Peek.....I'm still working on the Grand Room, here's my latest project.  I love my parents cuckoo clock and the natural look it adds to the room.  With that in mind I forced myself to shop on ebay again and here's what I found....the front pieces of cuckoo clocks, guess what, they make perfect little frames.  With some tape, fairytale images from my art collection and special hooks that grandpa says we have to use (he thinks I move things around too much and hates filling nail holes all the time) we now have perfect little frames for the wall.  Of course they would be lost on a big wall all by themselves but luckily last summer I was forced to shop and found this beautiful mirror, it probably belonged to a dresser or vanity in it's previous life, it was PERFECT!  I gave grandpa the special task of hooking it to the wall securely (oh boy he would hate to fill those holes!).  I love the detail on the mirror, it's PERFECT for a princess, little munchkin or auntie can certainly fill that position.