Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Found Treasure

My Mom always kept everything and I mean everything.  The basement is full of stuff, things from grandparents houses, things from my childhood, things from the 50's, 60's, 70's, etc.  And it's not just the basement, the upstairs is full too.  The room my sister and I shared growing up is full of stuff, treasures to be exact.  But my Dad doesn't see it that way, "too much junk" is what he says so he's been working on the basement, painting and cleaning it out.  Before everything's gone my sister and I decided we'd better get over there to help.  I took along one box, hahaha what was I thinking!!!  By the time we were done (not completely finished but a good start) I had 5 boxes and had to call my husband to bring the van to get everything home!!! 

It was a real treasure hunt!  We had no idea there were so many boxes piled in the corner, we started unwrapping and were surprised and excited by many of our finds.  Debbie and I seldom argue over things, we have different styles and collections so it works out pretty well.  She collects planters, shoes, perfume bottles, green things while I collect retro items that I add here and there throughout my house (just one of my collections anyway).  I also found tons of ephemera, maps, notebooks, calendars along with blocks and small bits and pieces of toys, perfect for my art. Here's a few pictures of the pieces I've cleaned up so far, I'll post more later.  The casserole was our favorite find, guess who got it!!!!!