Monday, February 28, 2011

Grandma Says

The little munchkins 1st birthday is fast approaching and I've hardly told you anything about her.  My mom always said her grand kids were perfect and I have to agree my granddaughter is perfect, cute, funny, adorable, smart.......ohhhh if you're a grandma you know what I mean!  I have the privilege of watching her 3 days a week so we have the opportunity to develop a very special bond.  But let me tell you I am tired at the end of each day and I've forgotten how to get anything else done while she's here.  It's also hard finding the time to work on my art so if you mommas or grandmas have any secrets to share on how you manage please let us know!!!!  I love baby feet and of course hers are the cutest so I thought you might enjoy a few pictures.  Of course Grandpa is the one who taught her to put her toes in her mouth!!!  :)