Thursday, March 24, 2011

Around the House

Sneak Peek........As I continue decorating the Grand Room I'm surprised by all the "perfect" items I run across for the room.  Last summer my sister and I took the day off to have some fun.  The fun was the annual Highway 141 Garage Sale, an amazing number of  homes/towns participate along a 100 mile stretch.  Of course Debbie and I never make it that far, in fact we barely make it 25 miles before her car is filled to the brim.  I've found vintage jewelry, cabinet cards, pyrex bowls, and one of my favorite finds was this clock, it looks great in the Grand Room and I love the rustic warmth it adds.

A favorite shop of mine is The Brass Armadillo Antique Mall.  I love spending hours there looking in every nook and cranny (of course those "hours" don't happen very often).  Grandpa occasionally goes with me and when he's finished looking around he'll sit back and look through the books they sell.  One weekend we were walking down an aisle when I spotted this table or should I say chunk of tree turned into a table......I love it!  It's perfect for the little munchkin to use when she's old enough, it has a flat, sealed surface.  I have two wooden chairs that fit, what a fun find!!!!!   I have just a few more things to add to the room and then it'll be finished (until I decide I want to change things!).