Sunday, October 9, 2011

In The Studio

Do you ever look at a piece of art you've finished and days or weeks or months later look at it again and think it's not quite what you wanted???  Usually this happens when I try to finish something too quickly and by the way, why do I think I have to finish it quickly in the first place?

Here's an example of a piece I wanted to make changes to (the original is in the previous post).  I liked my first version but felt the wings were too dark, not what I'd planned when I first laid it out so I changed them.  But you know how it is, once you make that first change more changes are bound to happen.  I decided the wording wasn't quite right so I changed that...then the little one needed a hat, took care of that...and finally I felt the little nest needed to be softened and highlighted...found the perfect feather and ta-da it was done!  I loved the pretty butterfly pin in the first version but after my changes I didn't feel it worked anymore.  So what do you think, version 1 or version 2 (but of course there's no way to go back to version 1 but always a chance for version 3)!!!