Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dear Diary, Today is Wednesday, January 4

Dear Diary,
I slept in this morning since I stayed up late browsing websites and ironing (does anybody still iron besides me, I wonder?).  So far I'm ignoring my New Years resolution of getting more sleep and losing weight.  Confession; traveling home from West Branch on Monday I ate 6 cookies to stay awake!  Anyway, once I was up I started checking all my sites on the computer again.  I know, it's usually the first thing I do when I get up in the morning (besides the usual bathroom trip) and the last thing I do at night.  REALLY, is that much going to change between bedtime and morning?  It's getting out of control, I keep adding more sites to take care of; Flickr, Etsy (2 shops now), Facebook (2 accts), 3 email addresses and a new favorite, Pinterest (I could search pictures to pin all night long, OK, I know I stay up way too late!).  Note to self: get computer time under control!  OK, dishwasher is going, laundry is started, I'm dressed (still need to brush hair and put on a bit of make-up to feel alive), bed is made and I'm back on the computer....ugh!!!  Putter, putter, putter around the house, I love this kind of day!  Hubby fixed dinner, steak on the grill....yummy!!!  And now I'm back on the computer.....ugh!!!!    Goodnight. ♥♥♥