Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Found Treasure

I love my house and I love decorating my house (a passion I've had for many, many years)!!!   I'd say the style of my house is eclectic, a mix of  family heirlooms and vintage treasures with a twist of modern furniture thrown in.   I love decorating with vintage items, I usually look for retro, mid century modern, or cottage style pieces.  My kitchen is decorated with a retro/mcm feel, here's a picture of some of my found treasures.....cherry chalkware on the wall, a bird planter with hard plastic flowers and a cute gold base.  Check out the flag, it's attached to an old car antenna, I found that treasure while shopping with a friend at Brass Armadillo, my favorite antique store.  I'll share more of my kitchen treasures soon.  ♥