Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Wedding

The big day is almost here, I can't believe my daughter, my baby is getting married.  I wonder if my mom felt that way, I was 20 and marrying my college sweetheart, so young when I think about it now.  My son was born 3 years later and my daughter 8 years after that, our beautiful family.  My son's been married 8 years now and has a two year old daughter, (aka the little munchkin, the little one or sweetheart) a great big joy in our lives.  And now my baby is getting married....

Since she lives out of town I've been helping plan the wedding, a job that's right up my alley.  I love to organize, decorate, pay bills (not), make lists (many, many lists) and this will be the last wedding I plan!!!!  Boy, what a job, I'm tired!!!  It's going to be beautiful though, I'm so excited to see the loving couple exchange their wedding vows.

Of course I had to add a little embellishment to a few pieces we picked up for the special day.  We bought an ivory colored card box from Michael's, it had tufting and pearls on top.

I added a string of pearls around the edge (just inside the twisted ribbon) and around the card slot.

I found a lace sash at Michael's, I added that to the middle of the box and added some pearlized hearts to it.  I also added a knob from the Tim Holtz collection.

I added a string of pearls to outline the sash on each side.

 I added beaded wire letters to the back.

The final, personalized piece, Emily loves it!!!