Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Found Treasure

From Mom's Kitchen cupboards

I have containers and containers and many more containers filled with "things" from my parents house; maps, pictures, pieces of toys, tons of ephemera for my art along with household items, radios, planters, fabric and so much more.  My mom hung on to everything.  In 2005 Mom had her hip replaced, I came over every day for 2 weeks to look after her while Dad was at work.  I told her I couldn't sit still so I gathered the old clothes from upstairs, we looked at them, we laughed then she said donate, I couldn't believe it, she was letting go!  I was on a roll, we cleaned out clothes, I found and kept a lot of my Dad's old ties, my Grandma's old jewelry, table clothes, pillowcases, aprons and handkerchiefs, and the dress my Mom wore to my wedding.  We recycled tons of magazines and cardboard, took boxes and boxes of VHS tapes to Goodwill and bagged up trash, lots of trash.  I made a dent but the upstairs was filled with many years of  living along with my Grandmothers belongings (her house was filled to the brim when she passed away).  I was exhausted after 2 weeks but would continue to come over for a cleaning out day until Mom became ill the next year, the cleaning was put on hold and my wonderful Mother passed away in 2010.  I cherish the time we spent together reminiscing about childhood things and listening to her stories about my Grandparents and their belongings.  Lucky for my Sister and I our Dad isn't pushing too hard for us to finish cleaning out the upstairs, basement, garage, closets and kitchen cupboards so we're able to cherish the time we've spent finding "treasures" at Mom & Dad's house.  ♥

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Wedding

The Bride wanted her niece the little munchkin or little one as I like to call her to be the flower girl.  Being 2 years old we didn't know what she would do or say, we were picturing Modern Family when Lily was a flower girl and had a "nice" word to say in front of everyone. :)  Here's the pretty basket she carried, I added small hearts around the lace and on each side of the handles. The basket was going to be filled with rose petals but during picture time she kept a little blue stuffed bunny in it.  We found the basket at Hobby Lobby by Studio His & Hers, they had a nice selection of accessories and we happened to be at the store when all wedding items were 50% off (wonderful deal).

I ordered a wreath from David's Bridal for the little one to wear on her head.  I added pewter beads that sparkled to help bring out the color of the sash on her dress.  Unfortunately she has very fine hair and her mama couldn't get it to stay on her head so I slipped the wreath around the basket, it fit perfect and the long ribbon ended up being a cute addition to the basket.  My friend Susie secured it with a safety pin to make sure it wouldn't slip off during the wedding (make sure you bring plenty of safety pins, we used them to adjust dresses too).

The little one did a great job although it was hard for her to wait in line.  As the bridesmaids were walking down the aisle we could hear her fussing but when her time came she walked out holding her mama's hand.  Her mama, the matron of honor, dropped a few rose petals on the floor and as she was walking down the aisle she looked at her basket then back at the petals, dropped the basket and ran back to pick up the petals, ran back to her basket, picked up the rest of the petals on the floor then was passed off to her other grandma for the remainder of the ceremony.  Everyone laughed and enjoyed that special moment. ♥

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Wedding

As I mentioned before we started using hearts/double hearts as part of our decorating theme.  Again we turned to David's Bridal and found these pretty Toasting Flutes with double hearts.  I ordered the Groom and Bride's name along with the wedding date on the first one then switched it and put the Bride's name first then the Groom on the second one (with the wedding date too).  They looked great, a special keepsake they'll always treasure.


Keeping with our double hearts theme the Bride and Groom picked the following serving set from David's Bridal.  I had the Bride and Groom's names and wedding date engraved on the server blade and on the knife I had "Our Moment to Celebrate" engraved.  Those special words came from their wedding invitation, I'll share those in another post.  It was easy to shop on line, everything arrived quickly and I could check things off my list, and let me tell you I had lots and lots of lists!!!  ♥

Thursday, August 9, 2012

In The Studio

I finally managed to finish a piece last week, hope you enjoy! ♥

The Wedding

The Unity Candle symbolizes the union of two individuals.

It took us a while to find the perfect Unity Candle, we looked at Hobby Lobby, Michael's, so many online sites and finally we stopped at David's Bridal and there it was, although it looked different when we first bought it.  Yes, I made a small change!!!  The candle was very pretty with the lace and bead work but the bride (and mother/wedding planner) didn't care for the bow hanging down so I added double hearts.  Are you starting to see a pattern emerging with the hearts?  The beautiful altar flowers were created by Bella Flora, they did an amazing job on the flowers, linens, centerpieces, etc.  I would definitely recommend them, they were so easy to work with.  For the tapers I used a set of candle holders I'd bought years ago (PartyLite) and after a good washing they sparkled, a truly BEAUTIFUL altar.  The ceremony and reception were held in the same historic building so the guests just walked across the hall for the reception in the Grand Ballroom.  The staff very quickly and efficiently took the Unity Candle/Flowers to the Bridal Table and we were able to use them as reception decorations too! ♥

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Wedding

The Wedding is over and I'm still recovering!!!  :)  Almost everything turned out as we planned, it was a Beautiful, Magical Day.  When we picked out the ring bearer pillow from Hobby Lobby (Studio His & Hers) it had the lace and beads on it but again I couldn't leave it alone.  This time I added little hearts to the pillow and center bow, a small detail but it looked sooo pretty.  The second picture with the wedding rings was taken by my friend Susie, I appreciate all the help she gave that day and love the photos she took!!!♥