Friday, August 24, 2012

The Wedding

The Bride wanted her niece the little munchkin or little one as I like to call her to be the flower girl.  Being 2 years old we didn't know what she would do or say, we were picturing Modern Family when Lily was a flower girl and had a "nice" word to say in front of everyone. :)  Here's the pretty basket she carried, I added small hearts around the lace and on each side of the handles. The basket was going to be filled with rose petals but during picture time she kept a little blue stuffed bunny in it.  We found the basket at Hobby Lobby by Studio His & Hers, they had a nice selection of accessories and we happened to be at the store when all wedding items were 50% off (wonderful deal).

I ordered a wreath from David's Bridal for the little one to wear on her head.  I added pewter beads that sparkled to help bring out the color of the sash on her dress.  Unfortunately she has very fine hair and her mama couldn't get it to stay on her head so I slipped the wreath around the basket, it fit perfect and the long ribbon ended up being a cute addition to the basket.  My friend Susie secured it with a safety pin to make sure it wouldn't slip off during the wedding (make sure you bring plenty of safety pins, we used them to adjust dresses too).

The little one did a great job although it was hard for her to wait in line.  As the bridesmaids were walking down the aisle we could hear her fussing but when her time came she walked out holding her mama's hand.  Her mama, the matron of honor, dropped a few rose petals on the floor and as she was walking down the aisle she looked at her basket then back at the petals, dropped the basket and ran back to pick up the petals, ran back to her basket, picked up the rest of the petals on the floor then was passed off to her other grandma for the remainder of the ceremony.  Everyone laughed and enjoyed that special moment. ♥