Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Found Treasure

So many times when a parent passes away you're forced to clean out their house quickly to sell it, but when Mom passed away my sister and I were able to take our time since Dad still lives there.  We show up on a Saturday, Dad makes us lunch and then Debbie and I start sorting through boxes, visiting as we go along.  We've run across special things that bring tears to our eyes, pieces we both say awwww it's mine (we have different tastes so no arguing over things) and lots and lots of paper.  We've made a lot of progress and are now looking through boxes full of paper, pictures and lots of linens.  I've brought home 3 large containers full of ephemera, maps, journals, tickets, pictures, etc...great for using in my art but I'll have to be in my studio 24 hours a day everyday to use it all.  Check out recent finds...the small, metal address book was my grandmothers and has my great grandma's address in it.  Precious!!!  ♥

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

In The Studio

Hope you enjoy this piece....."Playful".   ♥