Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dear Diary, Today is February 14, 2014

Dear Diary, today has been a very busy day, I'm beat!  I got up at 6:00 am, oh I know that's early for this night owl but I heard something beating against the window.  Grrreeeaaattttttttttt it's sleet and snow again, the driveway had just melted off yesterday in time for my Bunco luncheon (I'm thinking I don't want to shovel)!  Tables, chairs, tableclothes and heart doilies were set out last night thank goodness. Well I quickly set everything up in the kitchen....crockpot with meatballs & marinara sauce, crockpot with cherry cobbler, plates, napkins, cups, etc.....OK looks good.  Run upstairs to make the bed, get dressed, check for messages from the Ladies (who really wants to go out in the snow?).   Answered phone, one cancellation, set out snacks, look at text message, another cancellation.  Looked outside, snow is deep in the driveway so no choice but to go out and shovel it, darn it!  Head outside at 10:10 am, start shoveling.....mad because I have to do this.  I think that drives me up and down the driveway rather quickly (still thinking it would be easier if my husband was home using his snow blower to clean it out and also thinking I wish I knew how to use it)!  Ouch my back hurts, stop, stretch, shovel more, and more, and more, almost fall down, shovel more.  Swept the steps, OK where's the salt.  Finally find it, throwing it all over the place telling myself this will keep everyone from falling down.  (didn't think about the fact all of it will be tracked into my house when the Ladies get here!).  Back in the house at 10:40 am, pretty good I think since I haven't shoveled since the kids were little and I needed to get out of the house for a few minutes!  Upstairs to clean up, sweating....wish I was wearing a Fitbit to show my activity level and steps!  Back down stairs (thinking who buys a house with so many steps)?  Mix up the punch and the first 2 Ladies arrive......still sweating!

I have to admit we had a great time, good food, good company, what a good day!!!  The last of the Ladies leave around 4:00 pm, I look around, what a disaster!  Foot tracks and salt all across the floor.  I start cleaning up, clearing dishes, papers, food, etc then the husband is home.  I sit down for a minute, fall asleep and wake up to a clean floor, rug and loaded dishwasher.

Happy Valentine's Day Dear Husband!!!  ♥♥♥