Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Truth Is

The truth is I've been in a funk for a number of years.  Why the funk you ask...well I guess I'm trying to find myself.  The kids are grown and out of the nest, my Mom was sick for several years then passed away, I was sick for several years and almost died, my Dad had a stroke last year and still has issues from it, my art has been on hold--no inspiration.  I know, it sounds like depression.  I know there are so many people with more difficult problems or maybe many people feel the same way I do and don't know what to do about it.  Well I've decided to take action, freshen things up.

Phase One: (Banner Redesign/Name Change) My daughter added my new shop name to a redesigned banner, you'll notice it on my Etsy shop page and my Blog...I love it, just what I needed to freshen things up!!!

Phase Two: (Creative Spark)  I went to an Art Retreat hosted by Christy Tomlinson (future post) in April, I'm getting my creative spark back.

Phase Three:  (Inspiring Space) I looked around my art studio and asked myself "is this space inspiring me"?  "No it's not"!!!  I took everything off the walls and shelves and brought in color and the things I love, freshened things up. I'll share pictures soon.

Phase Four:  (Declutter/Decorate)  I've looked around my house and although I love my decorated home I decided I needed to freshen things up here too.  I'm going room to room decluttering (oh that actually feels good) and redecorating the space.  I'm trying to use what I have of course but a few new pieces will work their way in.  OK I made this sound like I've been through the whole house already but I'm still working on one room, the living room.  Remember I'm in a funk so I tell myself to work on the living room but instead I end up folding laundry or checking sites on the computer.  After a few weeks though I can say the coat closet is cleaned out, the dresser drawers are cleaned out (yes a vintage dresser, holds wrapping paper, tax files, banking info and a lot of miscellaneous, actually some miscellaneous since I cleaned it out), half the room is dusted (not lambs wool dusted, pledge dusted).

Here's a before and after picture of the room.  Yes the furniture is different, the living room felt so crowded with a couch and 2 chairs along with all the family antiques so I sold the couch and gave the chairs away and purchased 2 leather love seats (better for my allergies too).

With just the changes in the living room I feel a lot better, can you tell I love red!!!  I still have those blue cupboards to sort out but I'm almost done with one room.  Yay!!!

And while all these changes feel great what I really need to work on is me.

Phase Five:  (Finding Me)  Me!  As I've mentioned in previous posts I stay up late at night then my next day starts late, I never feel like I get much done (although I do, it's just at night).  I'm up early 2 days a week when I watch my granddaughter but after I've watched her for 2 days I'm beat, one reason is she's four and I'm olderrrr  :) but the other reason again is I stay up too late (on days I have her I stay up until 1:00 am then get up at 6:00 am).

I was sick for a couple of years, in and out of the ER and Hospital many times with severe stomach spasms and breathing issues and for some reason it stumped the doctors, turns out my Gallbladder wasn't functioning.  Took 2 years to figure that out!  During one of my gallbladder attacks I had a bad breathing issue and was intubated  and rushed to the hospital, turns out it was a severe asthma attack.  Thankfully I'm still here but the steroids the doctors gave me for the breathing issues were hard on my body.  I gained weight and I couldn't sleep while on Prednisone.  I think this is when my whole system changed and instead of staying up until midnight (I've always been a night owl but within reason) it was 3:00, 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning.  I've been trying to go to bed earlier but my body resists, my mind doesn't turn off.  But I'm happy to say there's no more 5:00 am, no more 4:00 am but 3:00 am seems to be a hard one for me to conquer.  I know with more sleep I'll feel better, more energized so this is a goal I'll be working on.  My other goal is weight loss, I still need to decide how I want to tackle that goal.

Each week (I'll try) and share my journey of becoming a happier, energized, creative woman!  ♥